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Project Description
Microframework 4.2 code modification for working on Mikroelektronika Mikromedia+ Board for STM32F

More info:

** Notes **

This project is a delta from GHI ( and Microsoft Porting Kit 4.2 QFE2 (

The project is tested and compiled under Keil MDK 4.54 (and above) suite.

To setup the compiler environment you need to use PK 4.2 "setenv_mdk" command:

C:\>setenv_mdk 4.54 x:\keil\arm


** Firmware notes:

1. The actual committed code includes binary HEX files for Mikromedia+ board compiled toward GHI SDK 2014 R1.

2. To use Ethernet you need ENC28J60 chip (Suggested board). Internal MAC/PHY Ethernet chip is not yet working. If using ETH click board, you need to plug on the MMB+ shield slot 4.

3. microSD Card is working fine using StorageDev class to mount/unmount.

4.TimeService working correctely

5. Due to a compilation issue, the firmware is compiled with Ethernet support although using TinyClr project instead of TinyClrNet. Will be fixed as soon as possible.

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